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Fake steinberger on Ebay


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I hate EMG's, but i can tell that the "EMG" on the pickups looks poorly done.


But im still not sure if its fake...ive never seen a fake one of these.



It's definitely fake, these Chinese "Overlord of Music" knock-offs have been available for years now. Everything is wrong on them:


  • the neck including the headpiece
  • the drill pattern of the neck screws
  • the body
  • the logo on the body is way too fat, wrong size, missing "TM" under the "R"
  • the pickups are not EMGs. Note the footprint of the SC pickups…
  • placement of pots and switch


They're not worth the shipping costs, and calling them a "Newburg(h) Steinberger" (although "not USA") sounds illegal. The only "Newburgh" aspect is the white binding, me thinks.



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