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who invented the zebra pickup?


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From what I was told by my grandfather who worked back in the 1950's for Gibson, is that, when the men and women hand wound and set up the pickups, there were 2 boxes..One box had cream/white bobbins and the other had black. While rushing the job, people would just reach into a box without looking and put the pickups together. Noticing this, someone informed the factory manager who said that it did not matter because the pickups would have the metal covers on them and no one would know the difference.....until.......some guitar player ( famous but I dont recall the name--I think it was Duane Allman ) took his pickup covers off for the hell of it and noticed that the neck pickup was b/b and the bridge was b/c. He thought it looked kinda cool and different, so he left the guitar with exposed coils, thus the birth of the zebra..


Again, my grand dad told me that years before he died

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