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So enough of this speculation...I finally wrote the official Donovan web site nd got this reply!!!




Monty from the Official web site ask me to reply you about the early´s Donovan guitar, was a Gibson j-45 and was stolen from his backstage during a concert, Donovan is looking for this guitar for a long time,

please see the link below:




Thanks for your interest


Josep Umbria

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Severely involved in this thread, I had to call S. Holmes to borrow his magnifying glass.

Think we overlooked the 2 different sets of tuners. What is your take on this Craig910, , , and will Monty know ?


I of course have a velvet wish the J-45 will return before the June concert, but wonder how Mr. Leitch would be able to recognize the guitar if it actually happened.











Btw.we must assume the G-logo was altered due to the non-commercial mentality of the aera.

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Surely wish he'll get it back one day


If Ill ever come across a J45 Cherry Sunburst with a star inlay Ill abduct it and run straight to the UK, across the ocean if necessary...

How cool would it be if you were the one returning it to him.


Maybe we can set up a Mantra and then on a specific time whe all get our Gibbo's out and sing it and make the Cosmic wheels to ride it back to him.


I love those pictures in India. I have some video footage (The Beatles in India) also fun to see. Wonder why Donnie is in yellow while the rest wears white.

Then again.... Mellow Yellow...


A special reward. Wonder what that could be

post-12707-062268000 1298024157_thumb.jpg

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Wonder why Donnie is in yellow while the rest wears white.


He's just mad about saffron, , , and simply wants to express it by the trousers he's wearing, it's only natural.

Regarding the cherry burst, there are 2 main possibilities :

Either the guitar is kept locked up in a closet or an apartment and surreptitiously played by the guilt-ridden thief himself every fullmoon. Or else this magic 6-string slipped out in the ordinary world 20-30-40 years ago and is now, but an anonymous drop in G-ocean dripping through the hands of nice girl-folkies – old drunk troubadours – eBay fishers and J-45 aficionados. Guess both pictures make a pretty good theme for a song. In fact Donovan should write it. . .

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