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pot problems??


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Hey. I recently just bought a 75 Ibanez Les Paul (sorry gibson!). Putting new pick ups in it (I've been reading the forums and i think i'm gonna go with the 57/57+ combo unless someone can convince me otherwise). But my problem is that the tone and volume pots only noticeably work after they knob hits around '3' aka there isn't the same responsiveness that i'm used to in my american strat (again, sorry gibson!). Is this just generally dirtiness, or should i just go new? I seriously doubt they've been changed since 75 so what do you guys think??

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Kind of hard to say without examining it. You could try some contact cleaner. Radio Shed and other electronics places carry it.




Could also be the quality, age, or taper of the pot. On the back of the pot it may give an indication.

A=audio, B=linear....(example: B500k is a linear 500k pot.)



Hope this gets you started,


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