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Neck Profile

Monty Burns

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Hard to know, each Gibson seems to have a different neck size.


If I was to simplify, I say most modern SGs have a very rounded profile (except for the '61 reissue or VOS) the necks are not necessarily 1" thick but the "shoulders" are round and the neck seems bigger than it is because of that.


My Les Paul R8 measures a massive 0.93" at the first fret with a rounded profile, I am planning to have the neck re-shaped to a "Clapton" shape, knowcking down some shoulder to leave it as a soft "V".


The 60's neck are slim tapered, my main problem with them is the first frets when they thin down the neck too much, I have tasted a few 60's necks that were nice though,


1mm or 1/8 of an inch makes a difference in a neck, is just incredible but it does.

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