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Ok boys, what tuning is this guitar in?


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Alright, it's not an acoustic, and not a Gibson either lol, I just want to see who can figure it out! If you already know the answer please don't tell! I went to see Chris Cornell on his Songbook Tour last month in Austin, Houston and Dallas on April 1,2 & 3. Lots of driving but well worth it! It was a solo acoustic venture, save for a couple with an electric. The best being this Fender Telecaster number called "Mind Riot."




And for the acoustic junkies, here's a good one too. I was actually very sad Chris didn't play his Elvis Dove, I was looking forward to hearing it in person. In fact he didn't bring any of his Gibsons (I've seen him play a Hummingbird in person and the Dove on video)only Taylor and Martins this time. Maybe those were the guitars he didn't mind getting destroyed in case someone stepped on them or something! Kept the Gibby's safe at home!



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