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I love my guitar

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I love my guitar, it's a 1996 Gibson Les Paul Standard Custom Shop guitar. I got it last March. Love it, it was love at first play. It's a chambered Les Paul through piece guitar... I looove it. The finish is funky, but I don't care, as I said, it was love at first play. I actually thought I bought an 1989 because it had a cardboard star cut out that read 1989 Gibson Les Paul - But my receipt said 99', so after trying to find out the year on the internet, I was told to phone Gibson, so I did... I phoned the 1-800 number 'from England', got through, told them my serial number, they confirmed it was a 1996 Red Sparkle Top... That it was a Les Paul Standard built at the Custom Shop and that there wasn't a certificate for this guitar, because it was built pre 2000, and Gibson didn't issue them then. - Well that was cool, finding out what year my guitar was, I like it. - So I guess 1996 was a good year or something 'I actually don't care, I like my guitar that much.'



Red Sparkle Top/Clear Scratch Plate.



It's even got my favourite Les Paul headstock. :D


I want to put some Alnico II Pros in to this guitar. (Seymour Duncans, 'same model as Slash.')



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