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another thread got me thinking about my mountainous collection of vinyl LP records, including a separate stack of double & triple albums (complete w/origional triple album from Woodstock).

i'd have to use one of the "touchless" players, such as a laser-track table, but need some input about the technology.

mainly, do they work like they're supposed to?

do they REALLY clean the overall background crackle AND reduce the sound of a skip by 95% without losing "intentional" sound ??


also, can I get a decent unit for around $250 ?


any input here is greatly appreciated. [thumbup]

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I cut my eye teeth, and picked them a time or two with record tone arms. [blush]


Crackle, hiss and pops are caused by dust and grit laying on or in the groove. Scratches across the groove will cause pops as well. (Records have only one groove... albeit a long one). A clean disk and a good needle will not emit the offending sounds.


Unless the laser has the capacity to burn the dirt, grit and dust off the surface before it senses the groove profile of the record I would suspect you will get some sort of unwanted sound even with a 'touch-less' laser tone arm. If not a hiss, crackle, snap or pop, you may get drop outs where the dust masks the groove's profile.


I am not speaking as an expert or from experience. I'm just skeptical of the claim.


However, since records are falling into the 'vintage' category, a touch-less tone arm may have a market as these records are irreplaceable. I suspect a thorough cleaning of the platter will still be necessary to get the 'intended' sound reproduction.

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