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Help me identify this guitar


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Your guitar was made in


November c.1970

Production Number: 0006



Hope this helps ... cheers ..

Not by a long shot. Those guitars were 15 years away in 1970. RTH has the correct info above.


PS, Guitar Dater does not recognize many Epi serial numbers and spits back nonsense.

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ahan ... [blink]

I dont know what that means, but Brian is correct. There are many serials that GuitarDater doesnt recognize, and the early Korean guitars are one of them. The first number of the serial is (relatively) indicative of the year. the 7 would indicate 1987, but possibly late 1986 in this case, indicated by the type of headstock on this particular guitar.


This model was first produced in late 1985 or early 1986 and ran through 1988. Only three or so years. In 1970, like suggested by GuitarDater, Epiphone wasnt making S-type guitars yet. As a matter of fact, Epiphone had just moved production to Japan in 1970 and was only producing solid-body guitars in the ET-Series that were similar to the old American made line, like the Crestwood, Wilshire, ETC. with the exception of the ET-270, which was strat-like, but was not an S-type guitar.


Many people get confused by these early Korean serials and list them on ebay and craiglist as being made in the 70's. That info is incorrect.

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the move to Korea was in the beginning 80s



Yeah, 1982 to be exact. And you should see some of the solid bodies they were making at that point. The Crestwood II and the Wilshire II & III were weird and kind of cheap looking. They had no similaritites to the original models other than the name. They are pretty rare these days though.


1982 Crestwood II


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