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How do you post in the Epiphone forum?


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I don't know where else to go to get help for this, but I want to post some questions in the Epiphone sub-forum here. When you click on Epiphone, it takes you to the Epiphone forum page, which looks like the Gibson forum only with red highlights on the page instead of blue.

I can get in and browse and read all the posts, but in order to post you have to register. So I register, then try to login and no matter what I do, it only recognizes me as "guest", which does not allow posting. And there is no place to click on for help, at least as a "guest".


Anyone here had a similiar problem?

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I would try deleting your cookies' date=' then try logging in to their forums again.





Right click on internet explorer then select properties then halfway down the box click on delete. When you log into the Gibson forum a cookie is placed in your browser which is meant to make you able to move around the site quicker however sounds like there is some conflict between Epi and Gibby....




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