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I recently picked one up. While play'n her I noticed the bridge PU was weaker than the neck even after adjusting. I measured them and the bridge has a slight less resistance. SO I waited till I changed the strings and popped them out. they both have the same 2 stickers "Patent Applied" and "57 Classic". The specs on the Gibson site says the bridge should be a 57 Classic Plus, which is a hot'r pickup. Can anyone here confirm what there bridge pu is or if they experience the same thing as me. Thanks


Under Features

Among the qualities that make Gibson’s original “Patent Applied For” humbucking pickups so unique are the subtle variations between coil windings. For the first few years of their production—1955 to 1961—Gibson’s PAF humbuckers were wound using imprecise machines, resulting in pickups with slightly different output and tone, desirable to players who wanted to mix and match and explore a complete spectrum of tonal possibilities. The ’57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus pickups are the result of Gibson’s drive to capture and recreate this renowned characteristic. Introduced in 1992, the ’57 Classic provides warm, full tone with a balanced response, packing that classic Gibson PAF humbucker crunch. The '57 Classic Plus is the perfect bridge-position companion to the ’57 Classic, inspired by those original PAFs that received a few extra turns of wire. Both are made by Gibson to the exact same specs as the original PAFs, including Alnico II magnets, nickel-plated pole pieces, nickel slugs, maple spacers, and vintage-style, two-conductor braided wiring. Instead of enamel-coated wiring, Gibson added poly-coated wiring—which improves consistency by eliminating thin or thick spots on the wire—and wax potting, which removes all internal air space and any chance of microphonic feedback

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Check Gibson's site again - I read two '57 Classics, with no mention of a + in the bridge position. Try lowering the neck pickup a bit & raising the bridge pickup even more - you should reach a balance at some point, but it may take several adjustments to get there.


You're correct in saying, "I read two '57 Classics, with no mention of a + in the bridge position.". That's one of the reasons I got the SG Standard instead (490R and

498T) as I have an CS-336 and that has two '57 Classics, so I figured why bother getting the SG 61 Reissue. Then I'd have two guitars with the same pickups and then

basically the same sound. The SG Standard 490R and 498T has a totally different sound than the two '57 Classics on my CS-336. With that I can change up guitars when

I want to change up sound and/or style.

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