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G-String issues?


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Anyone else having the same problem as me? My plain G on my 335 is much louder than the rest of the strings and really rings out sometimes. I'd try to adjust the pickup poles but I really don't want to screw anything up. Any advice would be appreciated.



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The plain G will always be somewhat louder than the others, it's just plain physics since it's the largest guage unwound string of the set. But this can be compensated for to give a nice blend, by adjusting the pickup height, pickup angle, and pole pieces.


Start by writing down the measurements of where everything is before you start: p/u height to the first string, p/u height to the sixth string, and note any pole pieces that are raised or lowered. This way you can always get it back to where you started in the event you adjustments do not work out.


Now the fun part. The first adjustment to make should be the angle of the pickup to the strings. Try lower the pickup away from the bass strings so the p/u is closer to the high E side. This will pull it away from the G a bit and also smooth out the bass response. A little adjustment goes a long way. If you get a nice smooth, somewhat even response to your like, then adjust the individual pole pieces to tweak your sound.


On my Historic ES-345, strung with D'Addario EXL-115 (11-49), the measurements at the pole pieces are:

Bridge p/u- 3 mm to high E, 4mm to low E, and pole pieces about equal, just barely out of the top of the cover.

Neck p/u - 4mm to high E, 6mm to low E, same on the pole pieces.

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