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LP 3-way toggle switch - Wiring question

Justin Case

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Hi guys,


New forum user here!...


I've recently acquired a used LP Standard Goldtop and I have a very simple question that should be an easy one for anyone who knows about the electronics of the Les Paul...


This guitar came complete, except the electronics. So, I've purchased a pre-wired harness with CTS pots and Sprague caps (regular modern wiring) from eBay, braided wire, two '59 Seyomur Duncan open coil pups (single conductor) and a toggle switch (short type). I've already figured out all the connections, except the ones from/to the 3-way toggle switch.


I'm unable to read standard schematics because I don't know anything about electronics, so I just need to know where which wire connects to, in this type of switch.... Especially the ground wire.


Any help on this, would be much appreciated.




Thanks in advance to everyone!

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Hi buddy,


I've checked the Seymour Duncan site before posting here, but, the wiring schematic they have there for 2 humbuckers + 2 VOL. / 2 TONE is totally different from the one I'm using (50's or Modern wiring).


The only thing I'm in doubt, is where the ground braided wire coming from the toggle switch will connect... I'm guessing it should be directly soldered to the sleeve (inner circle) of the output jack. And the braided wire coming from the middle tips of the toggle switch (soldered together), should be directly soldered to the "hot" output of the jack plug. However, I'm not 100% sure about this.


Also, in the middle position, it should act like a "kill" switch when both volume knobs are turned to zero.



Thanks a lot for your reply, anyway!

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Justin Case, mine was like this....

The single tab - Green

On the multiple tab side ; one outer tab - White, other outer tab - Red

The two inner tabs soldered together - Black.

Good luck!

I posted this on the other recent thread about toggle problems.

I guess you didn't see it.... or maybe my help was really no help at all.

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