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The "TD" designation


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I have noticed quite a bit of confusion over the "TD" nomenclature as it applies to the ES-330, 335, 345, and 355. No great surprise, but I just noticed that Wikipedia's page on this subject (which I just edited) was in error.


Most everyone understands that the "T" refers to "Thin line". The "D" however, seems to cause a lot of confusion. Some folks think it refers to "Double cutaway", when it actually refers to "Double pickup" ("Dual" is also sometimes used).


Using a little common sense, the clearest evidence comes from the fact that the single-pickup version of the ES-330 model was labeled as the "ES-330T", while the two-pickup version is called the "ES-330TD".


The "D" is traditionally used by Gibson to indicate a double pickup guitar (ES175D, ES125D, ES225TD, ES350TD, Melody Maker D, Johnny Smith D, etc).

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