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I purchased a fairly recent Gibson Studio with a satin finish. I am not a fan of satin finishes and would like to make it a gloss finish instead. I have experience painting things with 2 part paints/finishes (other guitars, motorcycles and boats) so I am sure I can do the finishing very well. But, I don't really have an idea on how to prep the Gibson satin finish. The guitar has a beautiful dark stained look (maroon). I don't know if I should just shoot over it, or sand first. (Of course I know I need to clean and lightly rough up the surface with high number, grit sand paper.)But how much is the question? I am concerned about ruining the stain. I am not sure if the satin finish is a final clear or if it is just tinted (my guess). I do not want to get blotches. Some knowledgeable thoughts would be helpful. My initial thought was to hand polish with a medium or fine compound, then lightly sand and shoot with several coats of Nitro-Lac and rub subsequent coats. But I read a couple things about people who polished their satin finishes and they suggested some of the color brilliance is lost. I don't want that. Experienced thoughts?


Thanks in advance,



And yes ... spare the "see a Luthier" comments, I will eventually do that if necessary. I found nothing on the forum or web sites so far.

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IMO you should never never refinish a Gibson- unless you NEVER plan to get rid of it-you will only lose money in the end,

I polished my satin finish Studio Tribute with Virtuoso violin polish- about 2 good times around and you will end up with a nice semi-gloss finish-


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