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How's things on the


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Your last post is a sad commentary on people, I guess...


Also sad on the environmental thing.


What really bugs me is how I've seen the environmental thing get really screwy because of nonpartisan but group-centered "politics." In short, it seems they damage people by killing jobs to save a subspecies that's genetically identical to another, then once a point was made as in the Gulf to push for cash, then ignore the real damage.


I did one on a bird species that had millions spent messing with the Missouri River for breeding on bare sandbars - then discovered several sources with several solid studies showing they're perfectly happy breeding on the gravel-covered flat roofs of shopping centers, small manufacturing plants, etc.


And nobody ever told me what other species were probably adversely affected messin' with the river because several enviro groups pushed big time for it. "We'll get back to you with the science report," but it never happened.


Again, there you go in the Gulf that once the major fundraising potential for enviro groups is gone, and the party politics are forgotten, the real issues are ignored. <sigh>



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... The BP payout was based on that year and previous years tax returns. So if you lied and said you made less money you received little to no BP money. ...

Another thing recently that happened is FEMA is now looking at Katrina funds. If money was given and they just audited your files and found out you should have not received funds the Feds want their money back.


Ah what a tangled web we weave. What goes around comes around...etc, etc.


Take a shallow shovel to the shore at Valdiz, Alaska and you will quickly strike oil. The oil under the surface is there for the millennium.


Want to have a 'clam bake'? Just dig a hole and strike a match.... assuming you can find clams.


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