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LP custom shop serial number

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I own a '68 Les Paul Custom Reissue and I believe it was made in 2010. I was just curious as to what each digit means. The number is 000638, no CS. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.


A Custom shop "Reissue" will not have a CS serial number but a number similar to the original that it is a reissue of, like your '68, 000368, or a '59 reissue would look like 9 2xxx. The CS just stands for a "Custom Shop" model that is not a reissue of another model. It could be a very minor deviation from a Historic Series Reissue. But there are exceptions to almost everything. There are the ES (Electric Spanish) series and the CR (Chambered Reissue) series that come out of the Custom Shop too.

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I just posted in the ES section about this.


The way I understand it, CS103404 is 2011 not 2010, and none of the links I've EVER clicked on have explained 6 digit CS serial numbers.


To illustrate, the serial number on my new es-330L is CS154648, does that make it 2015? Don't think so. Nor do I think that GCS made 55000 guitars in 2011, so I would be very interested to know what these numbers really mean.


EDIT: I've got a suspicion that the '5' is model or possibly factory related, I've seen other 330L's with this 5. Could it be that '5' is Memphis and '0' is Nashville?


EDIT Again: So in reply to my post in the other section, customer services have confirmed that "For Memphis serial numbers; CS05 stands for 2010 and CS15 stands for 2011." Not quite the same as confirming that the 5 means it's from Memphis. I don't really understand the secrecy as the serial number methodology is supposedly published, albeit inaccurate for CS production guitars.

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