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137 or 335


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Hello everybody


I've nevar played a semihollow but I love the sound and so many of my favourite use thems. I would like to know about 137 and 335 what you think ? ,.., i f is possible if some of you have or had both an could compare ,..,will be great.

Whichh do you prefer?,.., why?

I like rock and blues ,..,

Probably 335 is much extended ,.., but is even so many expensive

137 is pretty as well,.. and chepear, and other famous use it

Which are the differences ? , the sounds ? the facilities?,.., the versatility ...???,.,


Which do you prefer between both ???



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One way to view these two guitars is to consider some history....


The ES 335 virtually invented the centre-block semi format in 1958...so is a classic icon


With great versatility of tone and usability...great looks also...


The ES 137 is a more recent beauty...evolving from the ES 135...


The ES 137 takes it's cue from the florentine cutaway ES 175...possibly the biggest selling jazz archtop of all time


Slimline, with the addition of a mahogany centre-block and Les Paul esque P/U's....the ES 137 broadens it's tonal palette somewhat...


Most people who try one fall in love instantly....


Personally I would not wish to choose between the two...


One indicator may be the relatively few high profile players of the ES 137...(that would not influence me though)


Try to play them both extensively.... [thumbup]





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I actually have both. The 135 had very loose specs, so you will find some with 57s or p90s, some with f-holes or without, and some may have even had an ebony fretboard instead of the normal rosewood for the model. So there are subtle tone differences among the 135s. My 135 has 57s, 50s neck, a maple neck/top/sides/back, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that some have a mahogany neck. Probably all have maple plywood body. The 135 is very light due to the balsa centerblock, also. And it has a trapeze tailpiece. SO, ask about all the specs on the 135 so you know what you're getting into. (I sometimes secretly wish mine had p90s, but I love the sh!t out of it that way it is)


My 137 is the Custom model. It is very heavy like a Les Paul due to the mahogany centerblock. Has 60s neck, ebony fretboard, maple neck/body/sides/back, 57s with a Varitone switch, and stopbar tailpiece. I LOVE my 135 and I bought the 137 by mailorder after Katrina, hoping it was a pimped-out 135. It's not, it's totally different, which was disappointing but it's like having a retarded kid - you love him anyway & appreciate whatever he brings to the table.


Frets are totally different too- 135 has fat, round frets but the 137 has slightly narrower, less rounded frets (not as good for me- I'll have to crown them one of these days... pain in the ***).


SO. If you like the 50s neck get a 135. If you like the 60s neck & don't mind Les Paul weight, get the 137. Some rock stars play the 137 for the bling factor, but Izzy Stradlin played a 135. The tone is not drastically different between the 2, even with the 137's Varitone. Both have Gibson sustain & both can get that little extra resonant feedback from the f-holes (if the 135 has em). If you find a 135 with p90s there will be a little more difference from the 57s. Trust your hands first, your ears second, and other people's opinions never. Hope this helps.

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