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Is there a noticeable difference between Studio and Standard/traditional?


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My experience with Gibson LP's goes back to the mid 1970's, when I bought a '68 LP Custom, a beautiful, well made and very heavy guitar. About 20 years ago, I bought a '74 LP Custom, this one in cream white to contrast with the black '68. I think it was a very fine guitar as well. I now own a Gibson Les Paul Special with the standard HB's from 2002 and a 2010 LP Studio '50's Tribute with P90's. I have absolutely no complaints about either of these "new" Les Pauls. They are great players. The humbuckers are the same units as on Standard Les Pauls, as it the rest of the hardware.



My Studio is possibly the best Gibson I have ever played.



I believe there is more difference between any 2 guitars of the same model than between a Studio and a Standard. The construction wood and electronics is exactly the same, except for the bling.




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