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Recital de guitarra clasica


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Sorry I do not speak Spanish, but if anyone is around the Albir area (not too far from Valencia I understand) please feel free to come to my valentine's day recital. Tickets are just 2 euros and profits are going to a local special needs charity for children


here are the full concert details - thanks for reading Matt



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I live in Madrid, so it'll be impossible for me to be there but, anyway, good luck!! If you play here someday just let us know!




Thanks for the kind words; I hope to play in Madrid one day! - aside from the association with Spain and the guitar, it is a country I have always felt extremely close to. I love the culture, the buildings and most of all the people. I plan on one day moving to Spain; maybe retirement?


Through my child hood, my mum and dad took me to Spain every year; sometimes we even went for two holidays - by the time I was 16 - I had been well over twenty times. As an adult I have shared my love of Spain with my wife who now also loves visiting too. I always feel i have 'come home' when set foot in Spain.


On top of all that they kick serious *** at football; what's not to love!!



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Great!! We're going over a difficult period of time, but Spain is a marvellous country to live. But, man, musically I always look at Great Britain and find that you are the top!! And I LOVE London...last time I went there I was alone, and enjoyed some long walks with ELO music in my ears...of course going to a music shop :)


Well, you make the difference in music, we do in football ;)



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