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I have an epiphone sg special. I think there is a problem with the string action. Near the lower frets (ie fret1,2,3) the height is fairly low but as I progress up on the neck, the height continuosly becomes bigger where it is ridicuosly high on the 17th, 18th frets. Would anyone know the reason for this?

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Hello, Erasedcitizen!


Welcome to the forum.

Couple of things come to mind....

Basic setup. Might just need a bridge height adjustment.

Truss rod adjustment. (part of basic setup)...and...


Don't the specials have a bolt on neck? Could need a small shim in the neck pocket for correct neck angle.

(Least likely, but, it can happen)


If the guitar is new, take it to the store you got it from and explain the situation to them.


If you are not familiar with these procedures it is best to have a pro check it out. Watching him do it will give you some insight into how it is done.


To do basic checks and adjustments yourself...if you are not familiar with them:



If you intend to do any truss rod adjustments read the instructions carefully.

I usually loosen the strings, adjust truss rod (no more than 1/8 turn) re-tune.

Let set for a few hours and re-check. Repeat adjustment if necessary.


I never give a truss rod more than 1/4 turn total in any given 24 hour period. Also, 1/4 turn is a lot.


Hope this helps,



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