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Les Paul Custom broken headstock


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Hello agaim everybody.


İ came back with a new problem and i really need your help on it..


I found a Les Paul Custom wine red with the serial : CS 73076

So i am going to exchange it with one of my Heritages (the H- 575 standard) a jazz guitar with a guy who has a second hand shop in Turkey - Istanbul...


So i need the guitar's authenticity before i proceed !! Another problem is that the headstock was broken (!!) and re glued very well (the guy hangd the guitar in the wall from the headstock !!) but he keeps it always with loosen strings.


Also there is no 'made ın USA' print in the back of the headstock just the 'custom shop' sign.


thanks in advance Les Paul lovers !


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Go to the 'Historic Collection' part of this forum and the 1st posts are on Custom Shop serial numbers....but -


"he keeps it always with loosen strings" - ooh flaky, gotta tune it up and play it before you commit to buy.

Guitars with headstock repairs...it would have to be a good price.


Be very sure before you let go of that nice Heritage!!

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Thanks! İ will go but still not sure for the authenticity. Pirates copy serials ;) also i played in full tune of course. The G string had some intonation problem and he told me but i suppose with new strings and a good set up it might go better. You know i am suspicious because as soon as i proposed him the trade and he saw omly pictures of my Heritage in my iPhone he got 'YES' at once !!! ..

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