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Hi, i've recently purchased a Black Beauty from 2002 and noticed a 'glitter' colouration in the black paint. Is this common amongst custom shop BB's? Also, when did gibson start putting Bumblebee caps and cts pots in their black beauty's because mine came with gibson USA pots and ceramic caps.


Many thanks!



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littlemissstrange, post some pictures of it.

If you don't know how, create an account at photobucket.com, upload pics there and past the IMG code here.


As for the Bumble Bees. What does your serial number look like? If it has a it CS at the beginning, it's a regular Les Paul Custom. If it looks like (for example) 7 2100 or 721000, it's a '57 reissue Custom. Only reissue Customs have CTS pots & Bumble Bee caps.


Just so you know, if you have a regular Custom you also have a weight-relieved body. Reissues are true solid-bodies.

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