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Is this 1979 Flying V legit?


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First of all, my mother tongue is not English, so sorry in advance if my English isn’t the best.


I have the opportunity to buy this 1979 Flying V, but I am unsure about two issues I have noticed:


-The headstock looks to “round” compared to other ‘75-‘81 Vs. Shouldn’t it be more flat on the top?

-The serial number looks weird. I have never seen the S/N in a frame/box like you can see in the picture here. I have tried to google headstocks and none of the ones I have found have the frame around the S/N.


Anybody with some input? Is it V the real deal or is it a copy?


I know the blue color on a flying V is rare, but according to the seller the guitar have had a repaint, so that explains that.





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