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Firebird Minihumbucker Replacements


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This is the patient. Firebird Natural Guitar of the Month Edition. It has stock ceramic Gibson Firebird pickups that are higher out put yet, vintage sounding and low gain. Pretty good compromise. At low gain you have a bluesy singing pickup in the front and a country twang in the back Pleasant, but a lower gains it can sometimes sound hot and unbalanced. The ceramics really excel at high gain playing dynamics, but frankly I like my LPs/SGs with humbuckers better for that sort of thing. So at this point I'm considering replacement pickups, that excel more at clean than high gain. Alnico preferable because I want this to have more of a vintage voicing.


My request, please post some sound clips or video of some great Alnico Gibson Firebird Pickups replacements. Feel free to mention some companies that I should consider, but pretty aware of most companies that make firebird pickup replacements, just I'm having a hard time find their clips. I was considering DiMarzio but looks like they cut back on their Firebird pickup selection, and I'm not finding a lot of their videos/sounds Especially their alnico ones. I wonder if there is great video/sound clips of Gibson Alnico pickups.


Btw my playing style is Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country for this guitar.


Thanks for your input!msp_thumbup.gif




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Seymour Duncan has IMO a good range of Firebird P/U's


Sound clips on their site


Or how about a P90 approach....






Thanks!smile.gif I've actually got a Firebird with 3 P90 which I'm loving! I wasn't convinced by their sound clipseusa_think.gif. Any live playing examples you've seen on a mahogany slab body guitar. I've just heard teles mostly.

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