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3 way guitar comparison story


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I read a great story in Guitarist UK where they got hold of an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard owned by Bernie Marsden from Whitesnake once, and compared it to a brand new Gibson "Custom Classic Les Paul" and a PRS singlecut something. (MusicRadar.com sometimes reprints the story online - I looked for you people but it needs more patience than I have to find a story there!)


Of course the priceless '59 had everybody going Goo goo goo goo goo etc. They said it could be worth "On a Good Day" - 500,000 pounds UK!


They did a small review of all 3 and finished with some comparisons.


It would be good to do something like this with say, a '59 J45, a brand new J45 Standard, a J45 TV and then a couple of ringers.


It would be great if Guitarist UK did this, but until then I know a couple of people here have these guitars! How about the review/comparison?






P.S. It would be good to discover my '59 LG3 was suddenly worth a bit more!

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