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Seeking info on unique 1979 LPC finish


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Hello! I'm wondering if anyone on this forum might have some more info about this particular finish on this guitar. Back in 2003, I was in L.A. and visited the Guitar Center Vintage room in Hollywood. It was there that I would come across a Les Paul I would never, ever forget. I've posted this on a couple of forums, but I really havent found out much about it.


I came across a 1979 Les Paul Custom in what I can only describe as a "Metallic Greenburst." It was exactly like the Silverburst LPs of the same era except it was a blueish green color fading into a sliver/goldish tone. The guitar was heavily aged with checking and the finish was rubbing out on the back of the neck revealing a metallic silverish undercoat. If you look at the picture you can see some of the silver undercoat on the top side of the body. After many years and many internet searches, I have yet to come across any information on this particular color. It seems to be like the bronzeburst/goldburst finish except using a emerald green outer burst instead of the dark orange. I'm hoping someone here might have some insight into what this was or if it was truly a one off, one of a kind finish.


I did manage to take one photo of it...but I really wish I could have taken more. My memory of it is fading...


Thanks Guys!

post-43071-076584700 1335101811_thumb.jpg

post-43071-092944000 1335102130_thumb.jpg

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