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Early SG's and Bigsbys?


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Did the 1964 Gibson SG Special ever have a factory installed Bigsby?


When was the Bigsby an option on the SG's?


Thanks, JohnnyB


Yes. Bigsbys were a factory option for Gibson in the '60s. For SGs they were most common in '64 and '65 .The ones I have seen have been on on standards. I'm not so sure a Bigsby would stay at all in tune with a compensated wrap around. Do a web search and I'm sure you'll come up with some pics of standards. Nationwide Guitars sold a beaut last year. Have a look:




Also, here is a fake I made with my '61 RI:



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Double fake because you used a vibramate. Sorry, could not resist lobbing that dirt bomb.



Yep, my old Bigsby sure gets around. It's been on just about everything I own at one point or another. I use it to flush the toilet right now.

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