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Super 400 or not?


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At first glance, I'd say it could have begun life as a legit Super 400, however, in addition to the fretboard inlays being wrong:


1. There's no point at the end of the fretboard.

2. The f-holes are the wrong size and shape (too wide and open).*

3. The sunburst finish appears much more recent than a 1939 finish.

4. The bridge does not appear to be original.


It's possible that the fretboard and the top were both replaced.


More photos (rear; close-ups; etc) might shed more light. At any rate, no, this is not an all-original 1939 Super 400.


* Edit: It was around this time that Gibson began making the f-holes longer and more slender, but if it's from early '39, they may be right. If so, this would suggest that the top was only refinished and not totally replaced, which is much more likely if the rest of the guitar (especially the back and sides, which I can't see in the photo) is legit.

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