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This lady grows her nails (or paste ons) at least ½’’ from her fingertips, both hands.


Link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0004819/bio


Charo,, Date of Birth Jan 15, 1951


María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza




The Cuchi Cuchi Girl


She attended the Catholic convent of the Sacred Heart, where she began playing guitar at age 9.


Was winner of 'Guitar magazine''s Readers Poll as Best Flamenco Guitarist two years in a row.


Note to Milod: Her birth date is controversial. Some claim she was born 1941 not 1951.



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Yeah, she's got about a 10-year window of "age" involved. Figure the age at which she first married, for example. <grin> Interesting history on the lady.


OTOH, the magazine "best" to me shows that she was likely the best known, which says to me quite a bit about how well known flamenco players are. She is a skilled and talented guitarist and entertainer, though. I figure her about my age one way or another, so she's had plenty of time to work out how to play with those nails. <grin>


Also a very bright lady regardless, who has had a very interesting career of making her talent and skills part of a very good entertainment act as well as a mode of maintaining publicity as a semi-airhead cutiepie who plays exceptional guitar. My hat's off to her, for sure. Again, a very bright lady with an interesting career.



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