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Es339 Strap Locks


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If you don’t want to drop your pride and joy then fitting strap locks is in my opinion a must do, so I fitted a pair of Schaller locks to the 339.


Because the neck-end Strap Button is on the back of the guitar, when the strap lock is fitted it sticks out a hell of a long way and makes it quite vulnerable when being transported in a gig bag, not to mention it sticking into your gut. You could of course take the strap off but if I did that I’d end up losing the strap, particularly when packing up at the end of a gig. A bit of head scratching came up with a simple solution which works great and costs a few pennies.


You will need to get a large plastic washer about 25mm (1inch) OD and about 1.5mm thick (1/16inch). Thickness is not that critical but 1mm should be a minimum. The hole in the washer should be a close push fit over the base diameter of the strap button Diameter A, this will be about 10mm (3/8inch). If it’s too small the hole can be opened up with a file or sharp knife.

The outside diameter of the washer should just fit through the slot in your strap but if you don’t want to take the strap off at all the washer can be bigger. You don’t have to use a plastic washer, it could be metal, say an M10 or 3/8 penny washer would do the trick but getting the centre hole to fit over the button may be more difficult.


To fit, remove the Strap Button screw, fit the washer over the strap button and refit the screw. Fit your strap over the washer, this should be a reasonably tight fit , but once it’s on there is no way its going to slip off.


Worked for me.

post-43940-005056100 1337614784_thumb.jpg

post-43940-068580500 1337621400_thumb.jpg

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