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  1. Related? I have Indy 500 qualifying on in the background and just noticed that Jack Daniels is running a commercial with "Rumble" olaying in the backgound. Link lives!
  2. If anyone could be called the "Godfather of the Blues", it was Robert Johnson! So simple, yet so... Happy Birthday, Robert!
  3. At the risk of being the contrarian, I must disagree. I have 4 guitars with Bigsby's. Two came like that and 2 I added. I've had zero tuning issues (I OO NOT dive bomb, but use them for subtle effects only), and string changes take "maybe" five minutes more than a stop bridge guitar. I like having the option of using it or not, and (my opinion only) they look b itchin", so the issue is...??? Edit: sorry I didn't answer the OP's question.
  4. Not sure I'm of much help here, BUT I bought a DR100 about 6 years ago, from Sweetwater (USA) as a "beater" guitar, but was pleasantly surprised to find its' quality, for the price, was excellent. To answer your original ?, there is no serial # on the back of the headstock but I do have a sticker on the inside of the body, verifying the model and serial #. Hope this helps.
  5. Not nly was he innovative in sound, he also played left handed and upside down The only quote from him that sticks in my mind goes something like "No, I don't know what a 9th or a 13th is, I just play the GD thing."
  6. Thanks G Mac. It's been a while but "Rumble" was all the rage back in the day. Amazing what a 12 bar blues and pentatonic riff could get you back then! Thx for posting and happy Birthday Link!
  7. Just because it takes a while sometimes doesn't mean we (me anyway) don't listen. Keep 'em coming, and happy birthday to Charlie, wnen ever it is.
  8. One of the first "concerts" I ever saw was in the mid '50's when D ick Clark brought his travelling RnR show to town. A young DE was one of the main attractions. He was billed as a "local Boy" having been born in Corning, NY. I grew up (and saw him) in Binghamton, maybo 60 miles or so away. He's been around for a while now. Happy Birthday!
  9. As I've noted before, I'm a big fan of the "Birthday" or whatever posts because: 1.) they expose me to players and/or genres I may or may not have experienced before or 2.) they bring back some of those "oh yeah" memories Either way is okay with me, keep 'em coming!! JM is awesome, btw.
  10. With the upcoming untimely passing of Django, May I give to you a bit of Joscho Stephan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVlBPxSRlCQ
  11. Yes, many thanks to you G Mac. Just a reminder that for every "famous" guitar player who's "made it", there are (pick a number) who are equally, if not more talented. Gatemouth certainly fits in this categoty. Happy belated Birthday, Gatemouth!
  12. Agreed. I bought a Line 6 G30 several years ago and recently upgraded to the Boss WL50: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/WL50--boss-wl-50-guitar-wireless-system which is just easier to use. I haven't tripped over a cable in a long, long time. It should be noted that I'm a home player only.
  13. I'm no expert, but I'll mostly second LongMan's comments. I have an Elitist Casino that I bought new from Sweetwater in 2010. A few things: 1. Mine has Grover tuners 2. The inside "sticker" is a "sticker", but it does look like yours 3. It also has the 3 screw truss rod cover, and finally, 4. My serial # also starts with "T1", indicating that it was made in Terada. Hope this helps.
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