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Video playing "Mississippi Blues" on 1930's Kalamazoo KG-14


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Hi all !


I am happy because I've managed to record this video with good audio quality. The audio tracks are recorded with two Rode NT3 mics in ORTF stereo mode. Youtube doesn't give a good audio quality, but if you download the video with www.savevid.com pushing Download flv HQ, you'll be able to watch and hear the video with a high audio quality. You can play the downloaded video with flv player (it is free, and a very good video player).


I've captured the video with adobe premiere, and have deleted the audio track. Afterwards, I've imported the audio recorded with adobe audition through the condenser mics and mixed both with premiere. I've exported the final video and uploaded to youtube. It is a good way to share video without loosing audio quality, I think.

As you see, the Kalamazoo doesn't need any extra review, she speaks by herself. The second part of the song is not played as well as the first one, but had no time for a second chance.



Hope you enjoy it !!



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