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Speakin' of pedals


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I have a few pedals now as seen here on my board.


I saw in the new Guitar Player an ad for a Digitech Whammy with drop tune, pretty cool

Left side has cool effects, and the right side will drop tune for you, no need to retune your guitar, and they say the pedal can handle chords as well as the easier single notes.


DigiTech Whammy DT Pedal with Drop Tuning and True Bypass



I do not play professionally, I only started playing again a few months back after not playing for thirty years or more, so I am just doing this as a hobby mostly.


Anyone using this pedal?


What cool pedals are you thinking of getting, but you have not got yet?


The EHX Talking Machine I like, and this past weekend I was playing Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way, and I am going to try and learn the riff part where he uses the mouth tube.

I think if I can learn that and play it with one of the settings on the Talking Machine it will sound very close to his vowel/guitar part.

The problem is learning that part.

I have the rhythm part down pretty good, we were playing that song in a band I was in in the 11th grade back around '74.

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