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NGD Ebony Plain Top 335!


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This is an amazing guitar! Been wanting a 335 for 30 years!

After seeing all the flap about the bi-layered rosewood necks, I decided to go ahead and get a 2012.

My reasoning went like this: If headstocks are stronger after a glued repair, and a Les Paul body is maple glued onto mahogany, why wouldn't the bi-layered fretboards be just as good as a one piece?

Anyway, this is the third Gibby I've bought mail order (5th overall) and I still have yet to run into these quality control horror stories that I read so much.

I still prefer speed knobs, but I've got some of those ordered.

Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied!

Haven't taken any pics but I figured the black 335 looks the same in any pic.

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

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Congrats !!

Great news - all the 335s now have this nice beefy tenon ("historic-like")


see here:My link




..as for the fretboard.. well [tongue] it is just a stop-gap measure with no advantage and hopefully not detrimental to the sound (I´ve never played one -yet)

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