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ES-165 Herb Ellis vs ES-175 VOS 1959 1PU


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Yesterday I played the 1959 ES 175 VOS 1 PU and I was positiv impressed from the sound and beautiful wood color, except that I do not like the old style/looking hardware.

About 7 Years ago, I played in Belgium an ES 165 Herb Ellis (I guess that was one of the last with a rounder neck than the ES 175, which they have changed after 2004) and now I ask myself, can there be a difference in sound, as they are built the same - what is the difference of these two models? :rolleyes:


Actually the 165 Herb Ellis has Golden Hardware and is even much cheaper than the 1959 ES175 VOS 1PU, with it's old looking hardware.


Is this all about marketing???.... [confused]

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I have a 165. It appears to be the same as the typical 165 with a few corners cut (cheaper tailpiece, lower grade rosewood for the FB and, for the HB models, cheaper inlay on the headstock.) Other than that it is a single pickup 175.


Take this with a grain of salt but someone on jazzguitar.be compared a mid 90s 175 to the VOS. The body (or the guitar in general I should say) does seem lighter, more like the 50s models. It also appears to have quality hardware. I dont remember what the pickup was but there were no complaints. It was a positive review :) Will write more later (gotta work dammit).



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