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Early Bozeman J200..Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard & Bridge?


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Did some early Bozeman J200's have Brazilian Rosewood fingerboards & Bridge ?

I always thought the Rosewood on my Prototype j200 looked like it might be, as it looked unusually rich...but I just figured it was probably exceptional Indian.


This one for sale on ebay, is listed so.. & the gentleman who is selling it has other Brazilian guitars and says he knows Brazilian when he see's it.


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I know there were a handful of guitars like an AJ built around 1990 with Braz roswood that if I recall came from Ren's private stock purchased in the 1970s. But these were limited edition guitars made in very small numbers. I find it doubtful that in the early 1990s any Braz rosewood was being used to build off the shelf guitars. It is interesting though that in the early 2000s there were a few short runs of higher dollar Les Pauls that came with Braz rosewood boards.

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This is the mustache Bridge of the first Bozeman J200 which was made before factory was opened.

Rar..what do you think? Is it Indian or Brazilian?


I tried to post picture directly on here from Photo Bucket but it doesnt come up..?

How do you do it?


Also I just dont understand why Gibson limits the file size to less than one photo when one can send 6-8 to most any email?

In the past I tried emailing pictures to Gibson and it just would not accept the kb..mb or what ever it is of even one single photo.

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