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Unknown Epiphone?


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More information would certainly help but I am gonna guess because of the burst it is a 1970s FT-130. I have never seen an FT-120 with anything other than natural top. Does not mean they are not there - just that I have never run across one.


That would have been my next guess. :)

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Yup FT120/130/135, depending on bling and which way the wind blew. FOr a very brief time, less than a year in 1971/72 it was known as the 6732, an Aria designation(Matsumoku)


Worth maybe hunnert bucks, if in good repair.


You will find these links interesting:



> > > Brief History of Epiphone < < <


> > > Discussion about the Aria nomenclature vs Epiphone < < <

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