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LP special 1993, p90 or p100?


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As the title say, can someone tell me if a 1993 LP special was originally equipped with p90s or p100s?

I have a hunch on one for a quite nice price but don´t like the p100 so much. The seller couldn´t tell so i ask you guys.

Hello Holmis! I might be wrong but the P-100s are stacked humbuckers(?). So they shouldn't hum as P-90s would. Cheers... Bence

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That whole run of Specails from '89 to '96 will be the dreaded P-hundy's.


However, while I don't have time for much details, THESE specials are special- as in, aside from the pups, they are great guitars that are different from the ones made after '96...closer to origonal spec.


No Gibson's with P-90s in '93, and they don't appear again until '96.


So, unless the pups have been changed, they be paper-wieghts.

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Ok, thanks, p100s could be changed, i believe the routing will allow p90s without any tinkering :-)

But another question comes up when you tell me that the before ´96 is closer to the originals, in what way(s)?

I can see from the pics that it have a shiny lacquer but what are the actual differences besides that?

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