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1994 ES 335 Dot Re-Issue Question.


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OK .. Gibson support couldn't answer this one; maybe one of you guys can?


I purchased a new Dot Re-Issue 335 in 1994. Changing pickups and dicken' around didn't matter then ... I was too busy playing. That instrument left me a decade or so ago and since, I've purchased a new one loaded with 57 Classics.


I love it and will NEVER change anything about it[thumbup]


My question is: What pickups were used in my 1994? They were very 'woody' sounding in the rhythm position and very Chuck Berry on bridge. The guys at Gibson support said they were just called 'humbuckers'. Can anyone give a more specific answer than that?


The 57s are in NO way 'woody' sounding. They are just plain awesome with their own character. I may pick up another 335 and do a swap if we can determine what was used in 1994.

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The original pickups should be 57 classics; please see attached the specifications from 1992, which should apply to your guitar as well.


Kind regards,




Thank YOU very much for that! Now I can forget about it. Moot point but, I wish all the guys at the 1-800 number would be this efficient ...[biggrin]

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Like mentioned already should have beef the 57 classics. The difference in tone between the two guitars was mainly do to the resonance of the wood. I had a new 06 and 08 and the two sounded totally different.


Yupp ... I agree now about the wood. Lately, I've purchased a set of new 57s for my SG Standard hoping they would sound at least as good as the ones in the 335.


Well... they do sound real good - just not as 'powerful' as the ones in the 335.

The pots & caps are top of the line CTS & Paper & Oil and the wiring job is no less than perfect.

The pups measure in between 8.1k - 8.7k.


I've had the originals (490 &498), BB Pros, BB1 & BB2s in this SG. The 57s, byfar, are the best for my purposes and will stay!


Thanks guys!

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