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In case anyone is interested you can replace the stock pot metal bridge saddles on the Epi Nighthawk Custom Re-issue with GraphTech String Savers*. I used the ones made for a PRS as they measured exactly the same and have the proper string spacing. From day one the bridge has been a mixed blessing in that I really like the profile of the saddles but they just seemed a bit less shrill for my tastes. The String Savers fit the bill perfectly. What I hadn't bargained for was that the strings seemed to loosen up a bit - similar to my experience using a top-loader on a Tele. If you've ever tried that you'll know what I'm talking about.



*Got mine from StewMac as they are closing them out at a very good price.

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I follow your advise and replece them; And a graet improvement in some areas, just the bottom strings sound a little muffled in my opinion, cos I use DR'S 10-52 but acoustically

sound very thigh and loud almost like an acoustic, also I get'em at low price at Stew-Mac!

pd. how I post a pic so you can see? help..

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