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hey EA , what about glen then !!


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i know aussie's a fan of this fella same as myself.

if you havent heard of him , he's well worth checking out.

just read today that his low budget movie 'once' was adapted for broadway and it won 8 tony awards .

i just love to hear talent getting the recognition it deserves ... a slow burner from all those years ago .

maybe he'll be able to get himself a new guitar , god knows he needs one

his name is glen hansard


apologies for no gibson content .

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Big fan of the man, in fact he's playing in Prague soon, will check him out.

Falling Slowly was our wedding song, trying to learn it so I can play it with the Mrs, but struggling with that uber high ' we still got tiiime' note ..


btw: that song is effin' great ... amazing what two voices an acoustic and piano can generate ..

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