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don't listen to country or bluegrass (though born in KY)...but that was a beautiful song. What the heck were those two eight-string instruments(hers) and the lefty's? jumbo-bass mandolins? :-k

You are from Kentucky and you don't listen to bluegrass???? WTF!!!


The 8 string instruments are tenor mandolins as far as I know. Would love to have one especially if it is a Martin.


Beautiful heartfelt music stripped to the bone. You can't fake that stuff. They call this music NewGrass because it's different than the Bill Monroe stuff that they now call True Grass. In any case Sarah and Allison Krauss are two of my favorite female singer/songwriters in this genre. Have you heard Paper Airplane that Robert Plant made with Allison Krauss? Apparantly the beauty of this music was not lost on him.


Most....not all.. metalheads have their heads in a box and don't know much about music unless it is loud and obnoxious. There is a time and place for everything.

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Actually I think "bluegrass" has been getting "newgrass" infusions for decades.


I've several versions of Dylan's "tomorrow is a long time" or "endless highway," however you wanna name it. Everything from Ian and Sylvia to what I tend to call a "New York City retrograde jazz" version and ... what I called back then, a newgrass version. All date back a long, long time. I truly love different versions and interpretations of a bit of music that is well crafted.


In ways, I think we've gotta consider that one might make a case that as Monroe broke new ground from "mountain" music, Flatt and Scruggs kinda went into the original "newgrass" concept.


My own concerns essentially aren't with changes, per se, but whether the "new" is as artistic as the old. A lotta "new" is, and a lotta "new" ain't. But ditto the old. <grin>



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