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  1. it lasts forever (my tube is going on 5 yrs) ....but I'm beginning to appreciate how well simple pencil graphite works to minimize nut binding....
  2. . Been eyeing a lefty 2622 for some time but they only come in red and they want $100 for being left handed. I'm offended. Can get a minty one on eBay for about $200 off new with 30 day return. Or could reach out to SW.com and perhaps get $50 knocked off .
  3. Thanks guys....I sent eBay a note.
  4. This looks mostly legit to me but nibs and 'supreme' on headstock give me pause. Verdict? http://www.ebay.com/itm/122400953914?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  5. Such a beauty....but you really need to add a Gibson to your stable!
  6. ...you left out a couple of patch cables I know you have lying around off your equipment list...
  7. Just bought my son a 2007 EPI LP Standard with Gibson '57 Classics and it sounds quite good up against his Traditional (with '57's) and his Studio with SD JB's. My 2014 EPI Custom Pro with ProBuckers is no slouch either and gets most of my attention since July when I bought it...for next to nothing. For everyday around- the- house use...a well set up EPi with decent pups will get lots of playing time from beginner to advanced players.
  8. As someone who just bought two used Epi LPs in recent months (a Custom Pro and a Stnd mod'd with '57 Classics)....year of guitar and mods to include pup swap (from Alnico Classic/ProBuckers to Gibson/Seymour Duncan, etc) will help with determining general value or appeal. I sought "Pro" models from 2012 and above to ensure Probuckers...or one of any year (2007 or newer) mod'd with Gibson/SD...pups. A case is worth an extra $50-75 to me.
  9. If it came with Epi ProBuckers why worry about swapping out?
  10. Picked up a used Epi LP Std with 57 Classics for my son's xmas and with a few neck adjustments it's ready to enter the line up as his back up guitar. My son is annoyingly fastidious about his gear and sound (autistic trait I suppose) but reluctantly admits that it truly rivals his Studio and even his Traditional. Need to replace a glitchy input jack though. As for my recent acquisition of my Epi LP Cust. Pro...the stock ProBuckers seem to hold their own again my SD's, 57 Classics or 490's. I'm now a big Epi fan...at least the newer ones being made in......China and fitted with decent pups.
  11. SW for me also.....and, your 'sales engineer' can often get you a discount if you ask.
  12. Others would know...but I've found that Korean/Chinese instruments seem to all share very similar qualities as Epi (e.g., respectable tone, great playability, nicely put together, attractive and "great value" for beginners/intermediates (and pros willing to upgrade hardware where felt needed to suite taste))...with many brands sharing the exact same factory. I still love and prefer my Gibsons (there's magic in them)...but for the money....Asian brands are the near-real-deal right out of the box, even better if purchased used.
  13. My 2014 EPI LP Custom Pro is a scary-good guitar for a fifth of the cost (I paid a tenth)...and the 2011 Epi LP Standard Pro I acquired last week for my picky-as-all-get-out son, with 57 Classics, has really impressed him. It fares quite well in a head-to-head with his 2013 Gibson LP Trad. No joke...and at a fifth the cost! I'm becoming an Epi fan... Now if I can only wrangle a used left-handed Sheraton II...there's a nice one on Rvrb.
  14. I suspect that Epi is now making perhaps the best non-American-made guitars - out of China even. Their non-metallic materials (wood) may not be of the same quality as Gibson (and their maple cap/veneer doesn't appear to be cutting it for me), but their workmanship is fantastic and their play-ability (if not sound, which is still excellent) is every bit that of the Gibson/Heritage/Amer Fender I've owned. Qualifier: My EPI sample size is 1, a 2014 LP Custom Pro bought used on eBay from a pawn shop about 6 months ago. I'm trying to convince my snob-son to get an Epi as his backup guitar. They are that good.
  15. I briefly owned two recently...an H-155 (black beauty) and the H-535. The semi-hollow was excellent in every way and gorgeous (no way to compare with an ES-335 though). The LP-style didn't have the Gibson sparkle and chime with it's BB Pros (eerily similar to my EPI LP Custom Pro with Probuckers) so I couldn't bond with it. Sold both. Overall, I think they are every bit as good as Gibsons in terms of quality and aesthetics based on my limited experience as a lefty.
  16. Lefty prices are similar to righties...just fewer in supply and a commensurate level of demand.
  17. Thanks for the backup, Bro... Didn't realize as the OP of the "Gibson Snob Here" thread that I encouraged mindless behavior from an apparently disturbed individual who's been the bane of some here.
  18. I found this video consistent with my experience with my recent Epi acquisition. I love my Epi LP Custom Pro...it plays better, tunes better, and without nibs I don't have low E string coming off frets on pull offs. But...it lacks the bright sparkle/chime of my Gibson. My guess is the quality of the mahogany body and the thicker/solid maple cap on the Gibson. I hope he used new strings for both guitars...
  19. Those are excellent. My son had one for his pricey classical guitar he carried to university each day....it's very sturdy, secure...yet light! I see they've gone up in price to match that of a hard shell.
  20. Agree! Had a couple of Studios (son has one also) ...but as a lefty I don't get many opportunities to wander off the Gibson reservation to try new things. I appreciate the comment about the potential need of a fret job...and if so...I'd still be making out.
  21. I'm an unreasonable Gibson fan but have experimented and have tried to grow my small collection, where I have been able (as a lefty with limited options), with some less expensive reputable Asian brands (even a couple of Heritage and recently tested a few American-made CMG models) and have been consistently disappointed with tonal qualities. Build quality and playability of these lesser brands is quite good, especially for the price, but they all seem to lack that beautiful tonality, chime, balance and articulation of my Gibsons (especially my SG) - even with pickup swaps. I have never played an EPI but recent acquired one (arrives on Thurs) via Reverb. It's a 2014 Epi LP Custom Pro. Will it be 'good enough' to replace my 2014 Signature T? I hope so. For $235 plus shipping (yeah, a steal!) I'd settle for 95% as good. ;-)
  22. They may have taken a break in 2015 but there are still plenty of nice used. Got a Signature T coming tomorrow. Which means I might have one for sale.
  23. I recently picked up a 2011 LP 60s Tribute with Kinman P90's (HX-90) and they are as quiet as any humbuckers we've owned. Sound great too.
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