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Hello Everyone,

My name is John and I am new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on the EAS Standard. I have one that I am thinking about selling, but I am having trouble finding information on this model. I know that they were only made for a few years in the early 90s, but that's about all I know. I'd like to be able to list the specs in a possible ebay listing.


I think that 2008 vintage guitar price guide says that the EAS Deluxe goes for about $1000-$1100. Does anyone have any idea what standards are worth? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.




Pic can be found here:

Gibson EAS Standard

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welcome to the forum. i tooled around on the net (dans le net, en francais) and found very little on them but the seemed to be a predecessor of the EC line. there are a couple of these on ebay right now and i would say 1100 is optimistic but i am certainly no expert, just an observer. they appear to have fishman preamps and maple back and sides. it looks like the j180/185ce. i found this vid of a guy playing one and it does not sound very nice but it could be his gear as the guitar sounds weak and thin.


in my short time here one thing i've learn is that gibson trial and error periods were abound in the 90's and a lot of different models, specs popped up quite often.

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Thanks for the reply. I think the guitar in the the video is the deluxe model. I have to say the guitar that I have does sound richer than the sound in the video. I was hoping to realistically get somewhere between $850-$1000.

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Hey John.


There's not much to tell that it sounds like you don't already know.


The EAS models were introduced in the early '90s, and were geared to the "plug 'n play", stage-ready crowd, being a thinner body, electronics-equipped, cutaway, "flashy" guitar. By that heritage, they also had thin acoustic sound, so not directly comparable with a "regular" acoustic guitar of full depth. They were only made for a few years.


The values you're finding in publications or online are likely going to be your best guides to potential value, short of talking to dealers like Elderly or Mandolin, who of course, would want their cut.



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I've got a '92 Maple and Spruce EAS Standard.

Yes they sound thin and nasal. This guitar sounds best plugged in and really banged on.

The thin sound is one of the reasons I got a EC30 Blues King Electro. The Blues King (now J185)

has the same body profile but it has a deeper body.

This guitar is nice to play in the house because it is thin and easier to hold sitting down.


As to your value question , if you got $1000 in a private sale you probably hit the upper limit judging

by what you can get for a couple of hundred more on ebay or at Elderly.

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