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Sorry nobody who has more different versions of the Dot-es335 type responded.


The Dot currently is roughly an Epi version of the ES335, a classic shape and type that is emulated in various brands and sizes.


The Dot offers a bit of a different player geometry than the "average" solidbody or full hollow "jazz" guitar or acoustic due to the fact that the thickness of the body is somewhere between the two - but the other dimensions - upper and lower bouts - are roughly the size of a full-size guitar.


The others you mention are roughly the same shape. Each variation will have somewhat of a different personality, as will, of course, other brands' versions of the Gibbie classic.


It's my observation that it's not quite as comfortable to me as the ES175, largely because the indent of the "8" shape of the Dot's body seems to be more into the upper bout side than a bit more centered. On the other hand, I find that the nut seems narrower - but it isn't.


Which "proves" to me that my body has a geometry that gives me these impressions. Now somewhat shrunk from 5-10, I've always had relatively short arms that would require a 31-inch sleeve that isn't manufactured.


Now... after the 335 pattern was set, some smaller sizes such as the 339 are popular with some folks who prefer the smaller body. You give up some sorts of tone.


There are different necks, too. What you like tends to be quite subjective. I rather like the neck on the Epi Dot, myself. Some figure it's too thin and should be more of a baseball bat.


Tone... There will be variations whether the guitar is a full hollow thin body such as the Epi Casino, has a center block such as the Dot/335, or is a chambered sort such as the Gibson Midtown and its variation - or the BB King that is basically a Dot/335 without the F hole. Gretsch had some similar to that too. Still... I'm convinced that playing technique, guitar pup and amp settings make more differences than some players care to admit.


And again on tone... Frankly my Dot is my "haul to an electric jam" guitar because it does a lot of different things quite nicely. Not as nice for some material and styles, some might say, as an LP; nor as an ES175... nor an SG or whatever. But it can IMHO be more appropriate for many different things you might want to do better than a more specialized concept guitar.


Still, I see no reason not to do anything you want with about any guitar you're physically comfortable with. E.g., my old Guild S100c SG type with 8-38s still can do quite well with finger-style jazz or flatpick rock.


So... I think there are a lot of subjective factors that lead one to have a given instrument being their main instrument.



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Yep, milod's post is a good one. In my view the strength of the Dot (and I have one) is the flexibility. You really can mix it with just about anything using a Dot. It's probably the the least 'specialized' of the semi-hollows, so it covers more bases. I have a Wildkat too (which is actually my preferred guitar) but with p90s it's a little more 'left-of-centre' so the Dot is the guitar I use for jamming. As with any guitar research and decision making, go and try them out. Play a Dot, a 339, a Sheraton and a Casino. That'll help you see the differences in body size and 'hollowness'. Then there are others like the Ibanez AF and AS series (hollow and semi-hollow) that are worth comparing.


The other stand out for me with semi-hollows is how in expensive they are, given the extra work involved in construction. Plus they look really good...

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Thanks everyone!


I appreciate the help! I've never owned a semi-hollow body before (it's pretty much a whole new world to me).


Milod, thanks again. Your post was very informative. I really appreciate it.

I tried a few over the weekend at my local music store and fell in love with the sound and playability of the Dot. I think this week I'm gonna purchase one....assuming I don't decide to go all out and pick up a Gibson ES-335 (The store said they should have one coming in Wednesday or Thursday, so I obviously have to try it out). Too many choices haha.


As soon as I make my decision (and work out how to post pictures on this thing), I'll gladly post up a few of the new model (and my other guitars as well).


Thanks again everybody! I really do appreciate it!

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Thanks again Milod!


I read some of your other posts and I gotta tell you, you've answered some of my other questions in previous comments. So for those responses, thanks again!


Like I said, I'm having trouble posting pics on here for some reason :( But as soon as I figure it all out I will gladly post a picture of my family of guitars (and all guitar related gear).


Hopefully I'll have some pictures up within the next few days :)

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