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Red Burst / Rose Burst - Gibson, please make this


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Dear Gibson - this is an amazingly awesome color and you should make it available on one of your Standard/Classic Les Paul lines. Thanks in advance.


Here's Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle with an example.

Maybe it was a custom job? I've never been able to find a record of this color being mass produced.



The Goddess line had a very similar color called Rose Burst.

I'd really like to see this on a standard Les Paul.


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I think in the first picture you are looking at a 2008 Brimstone Burst.


Sweet! Thanks a million for that. I had searched for every term I could think of and never got any results.

Looks like Brimstone Burst was a limited color, but I'll keep an eye out for a use one. It looks great, and I still think Gibson should bring it back.


I still see a slight difference in Billy's guitar above, since it has a teardrop shaped burst.

All of the Brimstone Burst pics I could find have the burst going to the perimeter.

Here are two more pics that are different. The first is unidentified (teardrop shaped), while the second is known to be a Brimstone.




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