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I'm sick about what happened in Libya & Egypt, and what is happening in other countries right now...to the point where it's affecting my ability to laugh and have fun.....


So he's a video I made last Sunday.... the song is written and performed by David Martin Wheeler.



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Awww.. that's a cute song! And the ladies should like it too! [smile]


Ray, I got a 'wild hair' on Saturday and made a video with a song about a group I was in long ago called "1965".


My wife posted in on Facebook and a friend said that she remembered David Wheeler singing her a song about crazy ladies at the bank

at our house maybe 20 years ago.


Well, I bought the song on iTunes and tried to post it for her...but I couldn't figure a way to post an audio clip there....so I made that video

so I could post it on this friends wall, (who used to be a lady from the bank).


maybe I should have posted the clip of 1965



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