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Is this person being falsely accused of scamming?


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I came across this post on Craigslist. The poster is accusing a seller of running a scam and trying to sell a fake Gibson. His evidence is another picture of a guitar that he found online. Thing is, he claims this other guitar have "silver" tuners, or that it is supposed to have silver tuners. This is the second ad placed by this guy who says it is a fake. By the evidence he is providing I am not sure he is right. It looks to me like 2 pictures of the same exact guitar. The lighting is different, the angle is different, but his accusation is that this is 2 different guitars. Is he right? Does he even have enough info to know if he is right? If not, it would be a shame to see someone just trying to sell a guitar getting dragged down by a false accusation. I do appreciate people watching for scams, but not if they are wrong or not sure. What do you guys think?



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