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Just want to add that the guitars tried in the shop the day before I got my tremendous acoustic Firebird Custom, were -


1 J-45 True Vintage.


1 2012 Hummingbird True Vintage.


1 brownburst J-200 Standard w. pick-up.


1 Firebird Custom


and 1 Martin D-18 with imitated horn-bindings and butterbean tuners.


All of them fantastic guitars.


#1 was so smooth and more sophisticated sounding than the Standards I've tried.


#2 was a Bird of beauty and clearly one tooth more projecting than my own from '08. Quite interesting for me, though I like the somewhat tight tongue of mine a lot.


#3 was big voiced and worth digging into - hadn't time enough. I don't know to much about J-200's, but many I've played over the years have been remarkable quiet compered to jumbo-size. Not at all so in this case.


#4 was stunning like all 4 other F-birds I've met. These guitars are graaaand and need to be taken under control like an oxe or a 12 cylinder limousine.


#5 was a sublime instrument – not expensive compered to what you'ld get – and definitely something to desire. It's not on my list as I still have 3 Marts, but if the slope Custom D-18 here one day had to go, I feel the #4 would be closer to my basic needs - simply because the Custom D-18 is a bit polite (not an issue now).


Non of the Gibsons had laminated bridges or necks/f-boards and all seemed flawless and as tempting as we know them. A very uplifting 2012 sign.


See You Folks -

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